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Fast Cell Phone, Ipad, and Computer Repair in Bradenton, FL

Fast Cell Phone, Ipad, and Computer Repair in Bradenton, FL

Mobile Fix offers a wide range of electronic repair services that are not only fast and convenient but most importantly priced affordably. With Mobile Fix, you won’t have to worry we have been in the industry since 2013 and hold numerous certifications specializing in all aspects of Apple device repair whether it be an iPhone repair, Macbook repair, iPad Repair, Game Console Repair, or any other cell phone brand in need of a repair we can fix it. We at Mobile Fix, offer a lifetime warranty on most all repairs, along with a 30-day price match guarantee with most repairs taking 15 minutes or less. Contact us today or visit our store to experience professional and reliable phone repairs you can count on.

Why Choose Us


Any of the booking methods we offer are quick and easy! In most cases you can complete your repair booking in a minute or less!


We handle each device as if it were our own! You can count on us for high quality results when it comes to your device repair.


Don't just take our word for it, there are hundreds of reviews across the internet.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Choose Your Repair

We can repair your broken device, even if you are unsure of what's wrong! Our trained technicians can conduct a free diagnosis!

Choose Your Repair Method

Bring your device to our store, request curbside service, or use our nationwide mail order repair service!

Receive Your Working Device

Whichever option you choose, most repairs can be done in 30-60 minutes! Mail-in repairs will be processed the same day as received!


Google Reviews

Based on 372 reviews

  • google user

    My friend dropped his phone in the toliet at crunch and water got into his phone. Kyle saved his butt from a whopping and i recommend this place for everything. God bless those employees as my friend would be grounded n his butt whopped. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Steven 2 months ago
  • google user

    Brought my phone in after numerous problems after getting it repaired at another repair store. Only to find out all the problems I was having were because of a crappy job done by the other place. The owner showed me step by step the problems and what could’ve caused them and how they could’ve been avoided. Repaired the entire thing in front of me and made sure that I was satisfied before I left. Highly recommend and I will definitely not be going anywhere else from now on.

    Gracie Pritchard 3 months ago
  • google user

    Hunter and Kyle were AMAZING to work with! They went above and beyond when the other phone places said I was screwed, and these guys ended up fixing it! I’ll only trust them from now on! Hunter even stayed after his shift to make sure my phone was working properly!:)

    Mex Langston 4 months ago
  • google user

    Fixed my iPhone 11 Pro Max, was extremely professional and gave us a better deal than most other places. We Will strongly recommend this place for any repairs!

    Veronica Mahaney a month ago
  • google user

    I originally brought my phone in for a diagnosic on why it wasn't working. The fee was $50 and that was just to find out. I was fully aware that I would be paying to find the issue. However, the lady told me it was the screen and that $200 would fix it. Came back a few days later and the manager told me it had more issues and he couldn't complete my phone unless I bought about $100 more worth of items (charging port). Apparently, i couldnt get any refund nor compensation due to the female messing up! He claimed he was going to 'review the footage and see what she told me'! The lady didn't tell me nothing was guaranteed nor that it wasn't covered under warranty. She just made me pay and sent me on my way. After about 2 weeks, I got the phone back but the camera quality has never been the same ever since, I can't zoom in or use .5 zoom.... complete waste of money and time I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!! I was trying to support a local buisness but my phone ended up worse than when it went in!!!

    子Kali 5 months ago